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16 May 2019

It Was a Forest

In 2017 wind took all the trees away. It was beautiful and big forest. 6 people were died. Nature is powerful, we should remember that. — When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. /Henry Ford

16 May 2019

Forgotten Stories

To understand and reconnect with our stories, the stories of the ancestors, is to build our identities. /Frank Delaney

16 May 2019

Calm Day. Sea Side.

The first thing I hear when I wake up is the sea, which is so close to our house that its reflections from the sun dapple our bedroom ceiling. /Craig Brown

14 May 2019

Gdynia. City Of Modernism.

Modernism is an outmoded way of thinking about design: it just doesn’t reflect the way we live now. It always puts forward this idea that the past is irrelevant to tomorrow – and tomorrow is all that matters. But the past is part of who we are. /Marcel Wanders

09 May 2019

Forgotten Engineering

There’s no doubt that we are, by traditional automotive manufacturing standards, an automotive conglomerate. And so that causes confusion by definition. /Sergio Marchionne

09 May 2019

Perfect Walk

No city should be too large for a man to walk out of in a morning. /Cyril Connolly

06 May 2019

Right Moment To Live

When I am an old woman, I will stop trying to look beautiful. I will quit wearing makeup and buying uncomfortable clothes because they look good. Maybe I will take up nudism. /Rachel Corrie

05 May 2019

Good Example. Use. Not Destroy.

The bee collects honey from flowers in such a way as to do the least damage or destruction to them, and he leaves them whole, undamaged and fresh, just as he found them. /Saint Francis de Sales

03 May 2019

Above Your Head

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. /John Lubbock

02 May 2019

Climb And See (The Sea)

The climb might be tough and challenging,but the view is worth it. There is a purpose for that pain; you just can’t always see it right away. /Victoria Arlen

30 Apr 2019

We Are All The Same, We Have The Same Rights

We are driven by the same fears and the same loves and the same ambitions and the same desires, whatever language we speak. /Costa Ronin

28 Apr 2019

Counting. Always Counting.

Why does my brain insist on counting the steps every time I walk up a flight of stairs? I just can’t help myself. There’s something about my mind that always wants to keep counting. /Rachel Nichols

24 Apr 2019

Ray Of Light

Are not rays of light very small bodies emitted from shining substances? /Isaac Newton

23 Apr 2019

Still Exist

Great architects like Taut, Mendelsohn, and Gropius built some astonishing buildings which were to change the way architects around the world thought. Brecht and Weill forever changed musical theatre; Kaethe Kollwitz and others changed German perceptions of the purposes of art. /Justin Cartwright

10 Apr 2019


Through Kurt I saw the beauty of minimalism and the importance of music that’s stripped down. /Dave Grohl

02 Apr 2019

Keep The Rhytm

I think the rhythm is like the spine of the piece. If you change that, then the body that forms around it is changed as well. /Peter Gabriel

02 Apr 2019

Keep The Rhytm

I think the rhythm is like the spine of the piece. If you change that, then the body that forms around it is changed as well. /Peter Gabriel

02 Apr 2019

Stairs (again)

Life is a series of steps. Things are done gradually. Once in a while there is a giant step, but most of the time we are taking small, seemingly insignificant steps on the stairway of life. /Ralph Ransom

01 Apr 2019


Singing is a way of releasing an emotion that you sometimes can’t portray when you’re acting. And music moves your soul, so music is the source of the most intense emotions you can feel. /Amanda Seyfried

31 Mar 2019

Last Dance

I can’t wait to be back on the dance floor. I feel really good about it. /Paula Abdul

29 Mar 2019


I saw him… at peace in my armchair. I remember wishing he could stay in peace like that forever. I had a feeling of easing his burden with my strength. /Dennis Nilsen

24 Mar 2019

Design First

When I started studying architecture, people would say, you know, ‘Can you tell me why are all modern buildings so boring?’ Because, like, people had this idea that in the good old days, architecture had, like, ornament and little towers and spires and gargoyles, and today, it just becomes very practical. /Bjarke Ingels

22 Mar 2019

Just Wonder. Beekeeper.

The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it. /Jacques Yves Cousteau

22 Mar 2019

Stairs Of Hope

Man, unlike anything organic or inorganic in the universe, grows beyond his work, walks up the stairs of his concepts, emerges ahead of his accomplishments. /John Steinbeck